Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (Intake) Fees:
The client's first paid session is the comprehensive clinical assessment session, all clients regardless of insurance will pay $150 for the intake session. After insurance is billed, the intake invoice for this appointment will be adjusted to the rate paid for the session by the insurance carrier. Any remaining excessive funds leftover from paid invoice will be applied to co-payments for this session and the remainder will be refunded to the client or applied to future sessions determined by the client's request. The self-pay rate is $150 for the comprehensive clinical assessment.
Payment is due at the time the service is provided.
Acceptable methods of payment are cash, and credit card.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
Now accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
Insurance and Co-Pays
Soul Care Counseling and Consultation, PLLC has an agreement with certain insurance companies. If clients are in-network, they will be required to pay for co-pays based on the specific insurance plan. Clients that have not met their deductible will be charged for the full amount of the specific insurance contracted rate. The therapist will bill insurance for the invoice amount so the insurance company can apply to the deductible. Clients may make co-payments on their Client Portal with any major credit card. Payment must be made prior to or at the time of the therapy session for the client to be seen.
Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis before they will reimburse for sessions. Diagnosis will be provided to the client's insurance provider. This diagnosis will become a permanent part of the client's insurance record.

HSA (Health Savings Accounts)
Clients may make payments using the HSA debit (Visa, Mastercard) as immediate payment on their Client Portal, or in some plans, a client can download invoices to submit to your HSA plan for reimbursement. Check with your particular HSA plan to determine their particular policies and procedures for reimbursement.
Self-pay clients pay the self-pay rates and choose not to involve their insurance carrier. This allows the client to have more personal control over how their information is shared with third parties. Insurance carriers have the right to view and audit insurance claims.
Clients may make payments on their Client Portal with any major credit card. Payment must be made prior to or at the time of the therapy session for the client to be seen.
Self-pay rates
CPT Code 90791, Comprehensive Clinical Assessment, ($150)
CPT Code 90837, Psychotherapy, 53-minute session, ($135)
Payment is due at the time the service is provided.
Acceptable methods of payment are cash, and credit card.

Out-of-Network Benefits


Talk to your insurance carrier as they may provide out-of-network benefits for their clients. If your insurance does allow this option, reimbursement will be provided to you from your insurance carrier. A receipt and requested documentation necessary for out of network benefits is available upon request. Please contact your insurance prior to your first appointment to determine if you are eligible for out of network benefits.



Out of network means that Soul Care Counseling and Consultation, PLLC, does not have a contract with your specific health insurance company. Therefore, clients are responsible for the self-pay rate. Please contact your insurance company to determine your reimbursement rate from your insurance carrier. Clients can download their superbill from their client portal to provide to their insurance carriers for reimbursement.



In accordance to 10A NCAC 22J.0160 Therapist will accept Medicaid clients as private pay in the following circumstances:










  1. The therapist or client will not bill Medicaid for out-of-network charges.
  2. The therapist will not enter the patient’s Medicaid number or card in the client record.
  3. The therapist will not obtain proof of Medicaid eligibility.
  4. The client is responsible for self-pay payment of $150 for comprehensive clinical assessment and $135 (rates effective September 1, 2019) for each 53-minute session prior to services rendered. The client will not be seen prior to payment being made for services. Rates prior to September 1, 2019, $125 for CCA and $115 for a 53-minute session.
  5. The client does agree to 24 hour no show policy and is agreeing to the policy as a self-pay client.










24-hour Cancellation, No-Show Policy, and No Payment Policy

Clients can cancel and reschedule an appointment at anytime without penalty, as long as it is within a 24-hour notice prior time of therapy session. Any cancellations or no-show without a 24-hour notice period will be charged the full rate of the invoice for the appointment based on the rate contracted by insurance company or self-pay rate. Insurance providers will not be billed for clients that do not provide a 24 hour notice and client is fully responsible for full payment of session. Clients must pay fees prior to therapy sessions, if fees are not paid prior to or at the time of therapy session, client will not be seen for therapy but will be charged the amount of the session.